Why businesses need

social media services!

Gianni Caputo

We have all been at that party where we do not have anyone to talk to, and we thought that was the worst thing in the world until we struck up a conversation with a person who is the worst conversationalist in the world. He's the guy who keeps a running commentary going on, regardless of who is listening or the topic at hand, and turns the conversational train into a one-way train wreck. Many business owners who decide to launch their social media campaign however, become that annoying guy at the party because they forget that conversation is a two-way street.

Importance of Social Media

The ubiquitous nature of social media demands that any business hoping to operate beyond the four-walls of their brick and mortar establishment have to embrace it to become competitive. Indeed, social media, wedded to mobile technology, makes it the leading platform for shoppers when they are out and about and in search of business establishments to patronage. If your hastily assembled and poorly maintained Facebook page is all they have to work with, then the likelihood is high that they will quickly move on to a more engaging company site. That's because while it only takes moments to set up a social media account that prominently displays your address and hours of operation, keeping up with social media management is a time consuming process that very few busy businesses have the time for.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media is as important as managing your inventory or company's finances. Gone are the days when you could simply set up a static webpage and hope for the best in this increasingly connected world. The key term in the phrase "Social Media" is social, and online users are looking for a level of interaction that will help them make better and more informed purchases. A social media site that is littered with unaddressed complaints about poor service and a status update that was last refreshed during the Bush Administration, does not go a long way towards establishing your credibility. That being said however, who has time to spend hours coming up with pithy status updates that are designed to draw in the crowd?

Delegate the Responsibility

Delegating this important task to a social media management service means that you will know your firm's professional appearance is being maintained, and an engaging two-way dialogue is taking place to build a loyal and captive audience. This is exciting customer support and is how your audience becomes your customers! These professionals are up to date on the latest in social media marketing trends and can get you the results you need far more cost effectively than if you hired an internal social media manager. Not only that, but having a professional that has a better understanding of networking and the techniques needed to reach your business goals, can deliver the results you need far more efficiently.

May 28, 2014


Mr. Caputo has over ten years experience in project management of digital marketing initiatives. He has achived certification in social media managment and has implemented social media best practices across serveral social networks for multiple businesses and brands. He has expertise in strategic planning, quality control, and team leadership.