Be a Human Brand

and connect with your audiance

Richard Szocs

When you consider that 81% of U.S. internet users, age 14+, browsed or researched products online in 2012, it makes sense to spend some time on your social media presence. Humanization of a brand fosters more intimate brand-customer communications, customer loyalty, growth through feedback and increased engagement. Humanizing your brand through social media is a deliberate and thoughtful process that yields some great benefits.

Here are some ways that companies and famous brands are humanizing their image:

1. Put a face on the brand’s Twitter account. Your corporate Twitter account should naturally come with the company name, logo and branding. However, make sure that you also include a name in the description – it could be your CEO, your I.T. account specialist, or the most active Twitter user in your company. For example, you can put this line on the account description, “Company CEO: @nameofyourCEO”, which links to your chief’s personal Twitter account.

2. Keep it light and energetic. The best way to develop brand loyalty is through laughter and relationship. You’ve probably seen this method done by advertising agencies and big product brands on Twitter. Companies like Oreo and Old Spice have been maintaining their followers’ loyalty by dishing out witty quips and responding to follower’s mentions in a fun and energetic manner. It’s worked wonders for their brand loyalty and awareness.

3. Don’t be an identity troll. Show yourself! Part of humanizing your brand is….well, showing that you’re actually a human. The leading social media agencies today encourage clients to be open and transparent about who’s tweeting from the company page. You can also encourage the social media manager to connect with customers on their personal Twitter page as well. Here at Media That Worx, we like to assume the identity of an employee as the client’s Twitter manager, so customers see us as a real person. Humanizing for the win!

Creating a human side to your brand is going to be painstaking, time-consuming, and at times even expensive. However, investing on a personal social media management approach will surely keep your online audience loyal and eager to participate in your next promotion.

February 28, 2013


As a social presence manager, Richard has experience in a variety of social media platforms and utilizes proven practices on each to get any brand socializing and gaining leads quickly. His experience and knowledge is demonstrated in his blog writing, and satisfied client base.