How Much “Media” Do you Earn?

Want your social media fans to help you sell? You Need To Earn Them First.

Who’d you rather trust – a big, impersonal corporation, or a real live friend? Chances are good you’ll go with a personal recommendation from a trusted source, something that’s known as ‘earned media’ in the online world.

The concept of ‘earned media’ has been getting a lot of attention lately; it’s been touted as the next great marketing tool. However, if you’re like most website owners, you’re probably a bit fuzzy on the details – that’s where we can help out.

You Can’t Buy Love (Or Can You?)

Social media has given consumers unprecedented power to share, comment, like or disapprove. You already understand the importance of investing in your online image with a proactive, engaging presence managed by a professional social media company; this ‘owned media’ is what builds your credibility and nourishes trust among a notoriously cynical online audience.

Once you’ve built your core audience, it’s time to start spreadin’ the word and focus on expanding your reach through earned media – content that your social media fans, friends and followers want to share with their contacts. This is the holy grail of marketing – the audience you’ve invested in now promotes your brand or business, for free.

Better yet, earned media is fabulous return on your marketing dollar – it’s a personal endorsement of your company by your audience to their friends and followers. Thanks to the power of social influence, this newfound ‘earned’ social media audience will already perceive your business as trustworthy, hip and cool – after all, you’ve come highly recommended!

Nope, you can’t buy love, but you can certainly set the mood…

So, how much media do you earn? More importantly, how much do you want to earn?

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As a social presence manager, Richard has experience in a variety of social media platforms and utilizes proven practices on each to get any brand socializing and gaining leads quickly. His experience and knowledge is demonstrated in his blog writing, and satisfied client base.

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