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Are You That Awkward Guy Online?

DON'T BE THAT SOCIALLY AWKWARD GUY AT THE PARTY! Imagine you are at a social event where you don't have anyone to talk to. Just when you thought it couldn't get much worse, you strike up a conversation with a person who is the worst conversationalist in the world. He's the guy

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Be A Human Brand

Connect with your audience. When you consider that 81% of U.S. internet users, age 14+, browsed or researched products online in 2012, it makes sense to spend some time on your social media presence. Humanization of a brand fosters more intimate brand-customer communications, customer loyalty, growth through feedback and increased engagement. Humanizing

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How Much “Media” Do you Earn?

Want your social media fans to help you sell? You Need To Earn Them First. Who'd you rather trust - a big, impersonal corporation, or a real live friend? Chances are good you'll go with a personal recommendation from a trusted source, something that's known as 'earned media' in the online world.

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About Our Work

We understand that managing a social media presence requires a high level of attention and decorum. It is ingrained in our company culture to treat every clients social media channel with integrity and pride.

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